WCBB Podcast Episode 3 – BrewLAB Boys

This month’s podcast features some of my favorite brewers, Steve Jarmie, Peter Goldammer and Rob Peed from BrewLAB in Carpinteria, California. They’re small-batch brewers in a tiny industrial space off of Carpinteria Avenue, and they’re making some of the most consistently impressive beer despite working on a glorified homebrew system (I wrote about them more here). They’re in the midst of an Indigogo campaign to expand (disclosure: I donated. It’s not usually my style to do that, but I want them to have bottles and growlers), but will still be smaller than the typical craft brewery.

And if you’re thinking: There’s no way a place like that can make money, you might be right. Then again, I’m not sure Rob, Peter and Steve mind too much. Around the 30-minute mark, they talk about being effectively homeless and living in the brewery’s first space as they tried to get started. They’re happy making beer and running their own lives, and I’m constantly impressed. Enjoy, and stay biased.

Author: Sean Lewis - Beer Writer

Freelance beer journalist. We Make Beer available now.

2 thoughts on “WCBB Podcast Episode 3 – BrewLAB Boys”

  1. Hey Sean, I’m also living here in LA, specifically in San Fernando Valley; I’d like to know what breweries do you consider are the best around?


    1. Hard to single them out, although I really enjoy MacLeod’s in Van Nuys and then a little farther north in Agoura is Ladyface Ale Companie, which is terrific. There’s lots of great ones around, so definitely get out and explore.


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