West Coast Beer Bias blog begins

West Coast Beer Bias LogoLOS ANGELES — Beer journalist and author Sean Lewis introduces West Coast Beer Bias, a west coast perspective on the American beer scene. The new blog, located at www.westcoastbeerbias.com, splits its focus between profiles of west coast (especially Californian) brewers, beer reviews of beer from all over the country as well as unfettered and unfiltered opinions on the ever-changing American beer scene.

Biases are unavoidable. Rather than pretending like they’re not, West Coast Beer Bias leans into personal opinions and proudly owns them. Of course, beer reviews still strive to be as objective as possible. And while the blog’s title clearly states the site’s focus on west coast breweries, the blog’s opinions and reviews will aim to touch a wide swath of American beer culture.

Lewis, author of We Make Beer: Inside the Spirit and Artistry of America’s Craft Brewers, is an opinionated beer journalist based in Los Angeles whose work has appeared in Beer Advocate Magazine, Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine and frequently on blogs such as Thirstie.com. He was formerly the beer columnist for the Santa Barbara News-Press. Lewis is a longtime home brewer and sometime professional brewing collaborator.

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